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The Red Graffiti 07 Tactical Vest combines practicality and style. This true to size vest is designed for everyday use, so it's perfect for carrying everyday essentials. This is an exclusive version of our great leather vest. With versatile design it can be used for all your personal belongings like keys, wallet, check-book, credit cards, and small personal attire. Our latest creation is exquisitely crafted with high quality graffiti print vegan leather and suede fabric inner lining. The craftsmanship is commendable and the result is overall increased comfort and great looks. This suede women and men leather vest is well-made, useful, and fashionable. Whether you're heading to work, doing errands, or traveling, this best tactical vest fashion will keep your essentials close by. With 4 zippered pockets (2 front and 2 back), you'll never be without what you need. In addition, two different sizes of this tote/vest are available so you can choose the perfect fit for you. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and belts, stylish gold metal zippers, gold front clamp for key holder along with a suede fabric inner lining. Our exclusive leather biker vest is a must-have for you! So, get yours now before they’re out of stock.

Red Graffiti 07 Tactical Vest

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